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Clinical Supervision
for MHC Registered Interns

One of the most crucial parts of clinical training is the pursuit of supervised clinical hours. It also happens to be one of the least discussed aspects of clinical training.


And the business of psychology? If your graduate training was anything like mine, it was rarely mentioned much less be a focus of meaningful discussion.


Many of the interns I’ve worked with expressed feeling anxious and uncertain when navigating the world of registered internship.

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I am a qualified supervisor for mental health counseling (MHC) registered interns in Florida.

Clinical training and student development is a passion of mine, and I have spent the past eight years involved in graduate-level clinical training.  

I view the registered internship as a critical period in both clinical training and professional growth, both of which are necessary components of becoming an effective clinician. 

I use a structured approach to supervision based on core clinical competencies.

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Clinical Supervision for Mental Health Counseling Registered Interns

I also provide feedback and guidance regarding the development of your professional identity as a clinician with an emphasis on private practice.


Marketing, networking, and practice-building strategies are just some of the topics covered. These areas of focus are what distinguish a good clinician from a great private practitioner.

You’ve come this far, make sure you finish this last leg of training with intention and purpose.

Contact me today and see how supervision with me can prepare you for success in private practice. 

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