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Dr. Mandelkorn provides individual therapy to adults and adolescents who are in need of expert psychotherapy. Dr. Mandelkorn has expertise in mood disorders, addiction, phase of life problems, interpersonal difficulties, and developmental traumas.  Dr. Mandelkorn has helped many individuals using a blend of modern psychodynamic theory with an emphasis on person-centered and skills approaches. Please do not  hesitate to reach out to Dr. Mandelkorn to learn more about individual therapy.


Couples seek out couples therapy for a variety of reasons. Some couples wish to improve communication and intimacy. Others may require help to process and resolve a specific conflict within your relationship. Some couples may be looking to enhance and strengthen their bond. Regardless of your needs, Dr. Mandelkorn is ready to help you achieve your goals. 


The impact of trauma cannot be understated. The effects often show themselves in your relationships, your sense of self, and your overall quality of life. Trauma resolution is a specialized kind of therapy and can help you regain your sense of safety, develop a stronger sense of self, and develop skills to enhance your quality of life. Allow Dr. Mandelkorn to guide you through this difficult and rewarding process.


Dr. Mandelkorn provides Qualified Supervision (QS) services for registered interns pursuing their license in mental health counseling (MHC). Dr. Mandelkorn has experience supervising trainees and registered interns working in substance abuse treatment centers, community mental health, hospitals, and eating disorder treatment centers. QS services take the form of individual, triadic, and group formats.


Dr. Mandelkorn is an active participant in the community of therapists and clinicians in the local community. Whether it's a complicated case, an ethical dilemma, or a clinical impasse, Dr. Mandelkorn is happy to consult with you. 


Dr. Mandelkorn is also a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator. Dr. Mandelkorn's mediation skills and style emphasizes a collaborative approach focusing on communication skills, conflict resolution, and mutual respect. Dr. Mandelkorn welcomes pro se mediation as well as those already represented by counsel. Click here for more information on family law mediation.

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