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Therapy for Men's Issues

To the outside world, you appear to have your life figured out. 

You’ve established your professional identity, you’ve met some great people, and can even have some fun here and there.

But at what cost?

Man touching his face - Therapy for Men's issues

What gets in the way of your happiness?  

Perhaps it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.


You don’t feel your efforts are acknowledged, and you may even feel misunderstood or disregarded. 

As men, we expect a lot from ourselves.


That’s not always a bad thing, as having high standards and expectations can be motivating and encourage us to rise to the challenge. But lately, these demands seem to have the opposite effect. Procrastination, frustration, and feeling out of control aren’t out of the question.

Decorative Image - Therapy for Men's Issues
Man surfing

We need a chance to recharge. 

You can’t always be firing on all cylinders, even the most advanced technologies go offline from time to time.


But why can’t you shake the sense that you are disappointing others, or that a catastrophe is just around the corner? 

You aren’t a machine, and you can’t simply turn yourself off and on again. But the solutions to overcoming these issues are already part of you.

Therapy for Men's Issues with Dr. Jeff can help.

Contact me today and see how working with me can not only restore your sense of confidence and well-being, but also help you to achieve more than you thought possible.

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