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If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that therapy is for everyone.

We all hope and dream, struggle and fight, and fall into sadness and suffering. My years as a psychologist and educator have reinforced the fact that we are all more alike than we are different. While we all are unique in our own ways; we are all subject to the stresses of full-contact living.

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You may have asked yourself (perhaps more than once), “should I speak to someone” or “do I need therapy”? 

You likely have compared yourself to other people you know, or perhaps to the millions of people in the world struggling to meet their basic needs. And you likely have shooed the idea away, saying “I have it so good compared to others” or “it will be fine”. 

It's very common for life events and unforeseen stresses to result in feelings of fear and insecurity. 

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people watching sunset on the beach

Life’s “curveballs” often look like:


  • major life transitions (e.g., career changes/retirement, family illness, or new additions to a growing family)

  • sudden loss of a loved one and aging parents

  • worry or anxiety about the future and “failure to launch” 


These “curveballs” are often unplanned and can drastically change our daily routines and our relationships. These circumstances often contribute to a sense of helplessness or feeling of out of control. 

“Do I need therapy?” is a good question. An even better question is “how can I benefit from therapy?”

Contact me today and let’s discuss the issues you are facing and how therapy can help you go from good to great!

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