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Therapy for Anxiety

You can’t remember a time where you weren’t worried about something. 

The worries and concerns always seem to be about the future. Perhaps you've explained this away as being prudent, being prepared, being ready... But what you are ready for isn't so clear, and rarely centers on something occurring in the here-and-now.

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Your mind seems to always go to the future, visiting and revisiting all of the “what if” scenarios you can think of. 

“What if this doesn’t work?” 
“What if I get sick?”
“What if I fail?”

The tape of anxious thoughts rewound and replayed. 


It seems like you can never get away from them. Maybe the terms “analysis paralysis” or “neurotic” have been used to describe your indecision. While certainly not productive, procrastination can feel like an old friend, a warm blanket that seems to find its way wrapped around you.

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Your anxiety doesn’t just live in your head, it shows itself in your daily life. 

Perhaps you struggle to stay on task, unable to focus or concentrate at work or at school. The smallest of tasks seem daunting and feel overwhelming.


You are on edge, worrying the other shoe might drop at any moment, your attention divided and energy drained.


Your quality of life is suffering and there is not much left of you to give to your friends and family.


You are tired. And you are tired of being tired. 

Anxiety has been your co-pilot for too long. It’s time to take back your power over worry and fear. A life of less anxiety, less fear, and more confidence is within your grasp. 

Therapy for Anxiety with Dr. Jeff can help.

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